50 artists on 50 meters of paper in the Moulins of Villancourt in Pont-de-Claix, France.

An event organized by Urban Expo.

Friday: 19h reception of the artists, Installation
Creating the Great Fresco until Saturday 19h non stop

Saturday: 10h30-11h30 and 15h-17h Anagram, dramatized readings
19h: painting, buffet, festive musical evening with
19.30: Anagram, music playback
20:30 Mélopée Crystal Lyrics, Slam Poet
21h30: The Collective Bourdon, concert

Sunday: Home Clowns, open houses, artists meetings / public
12: BBQ and Picnic shared
15h-17h: Anagram, dramatized readings
19h: End of the Great Fresco