For this 2022 edition, the Rencontres Photographiques du Trièves will gather 31 exhibitions with free access, on various themes and techniques: portrait, landscape, reportage, animal, etc.

Marc Dozier is the guest of honor photographer, with his exhibition “Au pays des hommes plumes” (In the land of feathered men). This exhibition testifies to the secular art of body ornaments among the Papuans.
On the occasion of the screening of his film “Brothers of the Trees” on July 5 in Clelles, he will invite us to share the view of Mundiya Kepanga, chief of a Papuan tribe, on the love of primary forests, while alerting us to the damage they are suffering.
The screening will be followed by a time of exchange with the two protagonists.

Christophe Sorin with the series “Temporal Continuum” and “Sunrise”, Emmanuel Breteau with “Behind the Mountains”, the Albert Kahn Museum with “Globe-trotters, Albert Kahn’s operators around the world, 1909 – 1930” are invited by the organization.

This year again, the emphasis is placed on the time of exchanges, meetings with the public and new and unusual animations, allowing everyone to discover photography, new horizons and subjects.

I have the pleasure and the honor to be part of the selected photographers and to exhibit a series of 15 minimalist photographs. You will be able to see them at the Fourmilière, a coworking space located in Monestier-de-Clermont. A guided tour of the exhibition is planned on July 7 at 5:30 pm.

The inauguration of the Meetings is scheduled for July 2 in Mens.

The complete program can be found on the website